We offer free URL forwarding service

MFPad provides a stable and reliable URL forwarding service to hundreds of thousands of sites for nine years

Personal Website

MFPad for individual users to provide free basic services and higher stability of the paid services, all with super high cost!

Business Website

MFPad for the business users to provide carrier-class stability of service, and one-on-one long-distance guidance, continuing to enterprise services, help enterprises.

Domain Name Investors

MFPad know the difficulty of managing many domains at the same time, and we've got a package for you that can bind up to 30+ domains. It's all as easy as managing all your domains in one place.

Why choose MFPad?

MFPad began in 2010, contains a wealth of industry experience, experts have these experiences into the product, including but not limited to

Manage all domains In One Place

MFPad provides Domain Name holders with a Bulk URL Forwardding Service, which manages all your domain names and directs them to a custom page.

Stronge Functions

Not only that, but also provide hidden URL forwarding, explicit URL forwarding and wide-name forwarding and dynamic title and other advanced features.

Convenient Management

The MFPad's management interface is simple to use and easy to use, with a plethora of user-friendly design and experience consoles, available only from MFPad.

Search Engine Push and SEO

MFPad can set the webpage description and keywords, the system will automatically push forward Google, etc.

Unbelievable Stability

MFPad uses a distributed forwarding server architecture and relies on years of industry experience to build a stable service.

Cloud Custom Dock Pages

MFPad offers FREE Customized Docking Pages, Free Binding Domain Names, Distributed, Millisecond Access, Rock Solid, MarkDown Syntax Support.

Realtime Effect

Only a few seconds, MFPad's proprietary synchronization engine, synchronizes records to forwarding nodes across the country, as fast as Lightning and only available from MFPad.

Nodes around the world

With up to 20 forwarding nodes in multiple locations across the country, MFPad has set up a standby forwarding node to provide downtime protection, available only from MFPad.

W3C Standards

All forwarding methods in MFPad comply with the W3C standards and are well supported for all devicess including pc, tablets and mobile.

Professional Technical Support

If you have problems with your use, the staff at the MFPad Customer Service will be happy to help you with it until the problem is solved.

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Registered on MFPad and free to use basic URL forwarding service.

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